Worry free, wireless temperature monitoring of your refrigerators and freezers with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Protect your perishable inventory with smart, integrated technology that keeps you updated on the status of your refrigeration systems 24/7. Real-time, easy to understand statistics are sent directly to your phone, desktop computer, or wireless device. Access your temperature monitoring data anywhere, anytime!

remote temperature monitor
Remote Air Temperature

Avoid costly repairs if temperature is too low or too high. Our Wi-Fi-enabled remote air temperature monitor will alert you of temperature fluctuations in real-time so you can immediately take action(s) to minimize or eliminate losses, no matter where you are, as long as you have internet access. Includes first year annual subscription.

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product temperature monitor
Product Temperature

Avoid costly spoilage of refrigerated and frozen inventory! Similar to our Remote Air Temperature Monitor, the Product Temperature Monitor also includes a Temperature Sensor Sleeve that allows you to monitor product temperature rather than the temperature of air in your refrigerator/freezer. Includes first year annual subscription.

Buy Now – $210
temperature and humidity monitor
   Grow Room

Need to keep an eye on your grow room air temperature and relative humidity levels? Our Grow Room Monitor is perfect for grow rooms, greenhouses, cannabis cultivation facilities, where a controlled environment is needed to preserve your precious inventory. Includes life time basic subscription of email notifications. No recurring monthly or annual fees.

Buy Now – $250
water temperature monitor
Water Temperature

Ideal for monitoring the temperature of aquariums, water storage tanks, pools, ponds and units that hold non-combustible liquids. Receive instant notifications on your wireless devices when temperatures fluctuate to dangerous levels. Includes first year annual subscription.

Buy Now – $205

Renew Your Subscription

Monitor real-time temperatures and receive SMS notifications of temperature fluctuations to protect your inventory. Includes two login accounts from unlimited number of devices.

Renew Now – $34.95/yr

Essential Accessories

These accessories will ensure that your temperature monitoring devices work effectively in any size kitchen or workspace.

humidity probe
Temperature and Humidity Probe


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Extension for Wi-Fi Monitor Probes

Starting at $8.99

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Power Extension for Wi-Fi Monitor

Starting at $8.99

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temperature sensor sleeve
Sleeve for Temperature Sensor


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