Our Mission

At Restaurant Automations, our primary objective is to give you peace of mind by keeping an invisible eye on your refrigerators, freezers, and other key systems and components.

Restaurant Automations’ product package consists of integrated sensors (on refrigerators, freezers, doors, pumps, motion and other equipment) and wireless communication to create a complete system of temperature monitoring. Data and warnings are sent to your computer or mobile devices by text or email, as you want, with the information that you want, and displayed in a user friendly way.

You are connected 24/7 to your restaurant and can monitor your equipment by accessing a website by computer or an app on your smart device anytime from anywhere in the world wherever internet access is available. The temperature monitoring system connects to the internet through your business wifi and will inform you and up to 10 others by email or text if there are any warnings or emergencies to worry about.

Our temperature monitoring products are all Wifi based, very easy to install and retrofit on your new or used equipment, without drilling holes, installing long wires or additional equipment, or changing your electrical configuration. Communication between devices and restaurant owners has never been easier. Protect your perishable inventory, mitigate potential losses, and conserve energy at the same time with Restaurant Automations!