Reseller Program

Restaurant Automations is looking for Reseller/Installer Partners in the following roles and industries:

  • Restaurant Equipment Suppliers
  • Repair Outfits
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers
  • Restaurant Supply Resellers
  • Restaurant Food Suppliers
  • Chain Restaurant Builders
  • Restaurant Equipment Supply Sales Representative
  • Commercial Appliance Repairs and Maintenance
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repair Service

What are the benefits of partnering with Restaurant Automations?

  • New revenue stream from a new product. Money made on both installation and margin on the devices.
  • Gain new customers by being on the cutting edge and having a new technology for sale that competitors will not have.
  • Lock in current customers. By monitoring their equipment, you are in the sole position to continue doing maintenance and repair for them.

What do we offer our partners?

  • Hardware and Software applications.
  • Flexible marketing strategy. Resellers can create their own marketing strategy and installation pricing scheme in concert with Restaurant Automations.
  • Walk-through. A Restaurant Automations professional will walk resellers through the render pipeline in our system so that resellers can have a clear understanding of our service and work theory.
  • Referrals of all inquiries that are in your region.
  • Technical and customer service support. Restaurant Automations offers technical and customer service support to resellers and resellers’ clients in English and French.

Sales commissions

  • Reseller partners earn commission by selling Restaurant Automations hardware and services to restaurants, commercial outfits, and individuals that use coolers or have a need for temperature monitoring.
  • Date of settlement: at time of order.
  • There is no cost on partners’ sides.

Partner with us! Join the Restaurant Automations team as a reseller, installer or repair service provider. Learn more about our lucrative reseller program by filling out and submitting the information below.

Contact us to learn more about our reseller program: