George Saidah


George SaidahGeorge, of Lebanese/French decent, moved from Lebanon to the USA in the 1980s to escape the war with his wife, 1-year old son, and $330 to his name. An entrepreneur at heart, he started off his career in the US repairing electronic equipment and soon founded a company repairing and building IBM/Commodore compatibles. After seeing the need for customizable software for small businesses, he developed OfficeSuite, a customer relationship management (CRM) and backoffice program which sold 20,000 units internationally.  In 1999, George started another software company catering to the healthcare industry. In 2005, he sold his companies and retired, allowing him to pursue his passion since childhood: sailing.

A longtime boat enthusiast who sometimes left his boat in the Dana Point marina for months at a time, George saw a need for long-distance monitoring of his beloved vessel’s electrical, water and fluid systems. Eventually, he used the same concept and technology to transition into commercial temperature monitoring for restaurants and other similar establishments who needed to keep an eye on critical refrigeration equipment and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Restaurant Automations, George hopes to use his technical expertise and entrepreneurial passion to bring the power of smart wireless temperature monitoring to restaurant owners at an affordable price.

Elliot Quint


eq-nz-fixed-picElliot is an accomplished executive and investor with more than 30 years in the energy and financial fields.  During almost 20 years with Global Partners LP (NYSE: GLP), he rose within the company to Senior Vice President, responsible for operating and managing the largest and most profitable part of the company.  Divisional profits grew from $2 million to $52 million. He advised and invested in startups such as BatteryCorp, EKMS Inc (acquired by Utek Corp), Sam Park & Co, Sustainable Forest Systems, and Terasol Energy. Elliot is a graduate of Columbia University in New York.