What Our Customers are Saying

Mesa Verde Country Club
Costa Mesa, CA

With the addition of the refrigeration monitoring system we have been able to identify issues with our refrigeration units before they are at a critical point in temperature that would cause food to spoil. With strict criteria to be met on a daily basis by the health department the monitoring system is a very useful tool. Repairs are made on our terms and not when the units are needed for food service and storage. We monitor and can see trends that would otherwise not be seen when offsite. – J.M.

Brussels Bistro
Laguna Beach, CA

Helped me save time and money. – T.C.

Chantilly Ice Cream
Laguna Beach, CA

Advanced warning system which used to be available just for larger companies is now affordable and accessible to smaller businesses. – R.S.

Moulin Bistro
Laguna Beach, CA and Newport Beach, CA

Loved it at my first location, adding it now to my new second location. – L.V.