If you are viewing this page on your Android device

Press on gPlay

If you are not viewing this page on your device

 1  Go to the Play Store on your device




2  Press on APPS & GAMES at the near top right of your screen


3  Type  restaurantautomations in the search field at the top of your screen


4  You will see the following screen


5  Press on the INSTALL button and you will see the following screen


6 Press on OPEN and you will start the app to get the following screen


7 Enter the login username given to you at registration or that you changed using User Preferences
8 Enter the login password given to you at registration or that you changed under User Preferences.
9 Remember Me
  •  Click on this checkbox so that the system will remember who you are and will bypass the login process every time you start the app from now on. This will only work if your phone is setup to accept cookies. If it does not accept cookies, it will not remember you and will ask for your credentials every time you open the app.
  • Leave this checkbox empty if you want to enter your login username and password every time you open the app
10  Forgot Password – This link will let you reset your password if you forget it
11  After a successful login, you will be in your Dashboard which will look like the following screen:


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