Congratulations on your purchase of a Restaurant Automations monitoring system!  For best results, it is important to follow the next steps carefully.
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 tempmonitkit-1 The monitor system comes in 3 parts. A 4th part, the optional probe sleeve is recommended. Check  to make sure you have enough cable length between each component to  safely connect them.
 powersupply The power supply included needs to be plugged in to a 110 volt outlet.
 tempmonlr1-500 The monitor unit itself is the 3 3/4” by 1 1/2” rectangular piece with the Restaurant Automations logo and a serial number.  It needs to be installed in a safe place, away from work areas or where it can be bumped, get wet, or otherwise destroyed.
 tempprobesleeve1 The temperature probe is wired into the end of the probe wire.  It needs to be installed inside your cooler.  It is recommended that you use an optional probe sleeve (also pictured) on the probe to more accurately measure the temperature of your products rather than the air.
 img_0179 Installation accessories are included in a small bag. Velcro or screws to fasten the monitor, and fasteners to secure the wires in a professional manner.

Where to install the Monitor Unit

Install the Monitor Unit where it…
  • is outside the cooler or any metallic enclosure
  • it cannot be bumped
  • does not bother anyone
  • does not get sprayed by employee cleaning nor sink prep
  • is not dampened by condensation from the compressor or condenser or the front of a walk-in unit
  • does not get wet for any reason
  • has enough clearance that it will not be smashed when the cooler is pushed back into its usual place
  • will not get too hot from cooking equipment or venting
  • is far enough from systems that are regularly undergoing maintenance, so it is not in harm’s way from the service crew

Good places to install the Monitor Unit

  • Wall behind the cooler – if there is room when you push the cooler all the way back to the wall.
  •  Back of the cooler – if there is enough clearance when you push the cooler all the way back to the wall.
  •  Side of the cooler, closer to the back  – if there is space for it.
  • Inside a removable panel, if the cooler has one
  • Front of the cooler – only if it is out of the way
  • Inside a removable front grill panel, if the cooler has one
  • On the wall next to a walk-in, not on a part of the walk in that gets moist from condensation

Bad places to install the Monitor Unit

  • A fridge or freezer wall that gets humid
  • In the pan underneath a cooler where the water condensation collects
  • Between the cooler and mobile equipment that will hit the monitor
  • Loose on the floor
  • Low under the cooler where cleaning crew will bump it
  • On the wall of  a walk-in that sweats

How to install the Temperature Probe

  •  Through the side
  •  Through the door
  •  Usually it is best to enter through the door, except for walk-ins where drilling through the side often works best
  • Through the side

Good places to put the Temperature Probe

  • Out of the way of heavy use by cooks
  • Just above the top shelf in a walk-in
  • Just under a shelf

Bad places to put the Temperature Probe

  • On a cooler wall that is warmed by the compressor or something attached outside
  • On removable shelves
  • The highest point inside the cooler

Final Preparation

Locate the nearest power outlet to the cooler.
Select a flat surface on the wall or on the cooler where you are going to mount the Monitor Unit.
Find a good spot to install the Temperature Probe.
Hold up the wires where you will be running them. Mark where the Monitor Unit will go. Now you have the layout set.
If the cords from the power supply or the Temperature Probe are not long enough, we have extensions to both. Please check what is available on Restaurant Automations website.
Make sure your business Wi-Fi reaches the spot where you will be mounting the Monitor. If there is poor or no signal, then the monitor will not work. Do not mount it.


Use the enclosed Velcro or 2 screws to fix the Monitor Unit in place.  Run the probe wire into the cooler, preferably by snaking it in through a corner of the door. If necessary to drill through the cooler, confirm that you will be going through a hollow spot and not coils. Restaurant Automations takes no responsibility for improper installation.
Secure the wires using enclosed wire holders or some other appropriate clips.  Slide the optional Sleeve over the Temperature Probe.  Plug in the power supply.
Congratulations! You have completed the hardware installation. Now it is time for the software installation. Please see those instructions in the next section.
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