After completing the hardware installation, the next step is to connect your new monitor to the internet and then load software onto your computer and/or smartphone. You can load the dashboard software onto as many devices as you choose: your laptop, iPad, PC and phone.

Please follow the software installations instructions below. If you need any help, please call our Technical Support at +1-949-342-0021.

Before you start, you have to know your business Wi-Fi network name and password. You will be connecting the monitor to your Wi-Fi network.

Plug the monitor into a power outlet. It will take 45 seconds to a minute before anything will happen. The green and red lights are going to be lit solid. As soon as the monitor is ready to be accessed, the green LED will stay on solid, and the red light will start blinking regularly.

To do the setup, you need a smart device (an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone) or a computer. On your computer or device, go to Settings – Wi-Fi.  A network called AP-xx:xx:xx: should appear, where the x represents the last 6 numbers of  your monitor serial number.  (For example, if the SN located on the white label on your monitor is 5B:DF:7F:93:08:56, then you will see AP-93:08:56).  Click on that AP network to join. Make sure you are connected; you will see the connected network check-mark on your phone.

Open your browser and type in the monitor’s IP address:

Next you will see a page with lot of information and a dropdown with all nearby Wi-Fi networks, and a field to input your password.

Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter your password.  Please note that on smart phones by default the password will automatically put the first letter in upper case. Change it back if lowercase is required.

Please note that if your Wi-Fi network is hidden, you will need to do one of two things in order to connect.  1) Make it visible, connect, then after connecting, make it invisible again.   Or 2) Type the following line in your browser:

where yourwifi is the name of your hidden Wi-Fi and yourpass is the password of your Wi-Fi.  Please note that if you have spaces in the name of your Wi-Fi, you need to replace them with %20 For example: if your Wi-Fi name is MY Wifi and your password is 1234567890, you would have to type

As soon as you push the submit button, the monitor will reset itself, try to log in and depending on the result, one of 2 things will happen (Be patient, it takes about 45 seconds):

If login is successful, the red led will stop blinking on and off. The new blinking pattern will be: off for 4 seconds and on for 1 second. The monitor will connect to the Internet and start sending information to Restaurant Automations to send to you on your dashboard.

If login is not successful, the monitor’s red led will start blinking regularly. It will re-load as server AP-xx:xx:xx: and be ready to get new information on  You will be back to the first step.  In other words, after vanishing briefly, you will see AP-xx:xx:xx: reappear again as an available network.  You will need to connect to it in your Wi-Fi Settings and go back to your browser to re-type, and when the input page re-appears, choose your Wi-Fi and put in the correct password.

The final step is to load the dashboard program onto your computer or smartphone.

You will want to reset the factory pre-set temperature alert thresholds to fit your needs.  You will also need to authorize any users of your monitoring system, set yourself and them (if applicable) up to subscriptionreceive alerts via email or text, and designate who will receive these alerts.  This process is brief and intuitive, but instruction are in the section under “Video Training for Apps”.


Please let us know if you have any suggestions about improving the installation process. We appreciate feedback!

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